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Tonights Ride – Wye Downs nice and easy

After last nights TT Fitness Test, I decided that tonight would be an easy ride but I also decided to include a few hills, so I went to Wye and climbed up unto the Wye Downs, quite a hilly route, … Continue reading

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Fitness TT Route

This route is one thats been suggested by one of my riding buddies (Thanks Chris), and he’s been out caning it around the route for the last few weeks. This is the first time I’ve tried it. But the intention … Continue reading

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23 Miles On The Bike

Even though I’m still dealing with a very stuffed up head and nose I decided that I needed to go out for a ride tonight to see how I got one. Even if it was just 15 minutes to see … Continue reading

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Tesco Customer Service – Or Lack Thereof

What is it about my local Tescos (Park Farm, Ashford, Kent) that I just can’t stand going there? Is it the fact that I have to serve myself at the Self-Service Checkouts? Or that the Staff can’t be bothered to … Continue reading

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England – A Dismal Performance

Well there you have it, an absolutely dismal performance from England for the 2010 World Cup Finals. What a shame it all is, but you kind of feel a sense of relief now as well. The nail biting and “will … Continue reading

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Will it Blend ???

How long have you been waiting for your new iPhone 4? And as it turns out there are well reported issues with the signal reception (or lack of it) as a result of the placement of the antenna. Apples answer … Continue reading

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The Downward Slide………

Not feeling too good today, woke up with a sore throat and was feeling fairly lethargic all day. I also had to go into London which added to the stress, so although I was planning to go out on the … Continue reading

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