50 Mile Long Ride

I need to start getting a few more hours on the bike, and getting the lets used to the longer efforts. So I decided to do something longer this morning, but I wasn’t going to put any pressure on myself for speed or time. I was just going to do what I felt was comfortable and that was it. And I’m pleased to report thats exactly what I did. I had a nice tailwind for the outward leg towards the coast, and I could have been going much faster than I actually did, but I was being sensible and just allowing my Heart Rate to benefit for the very easy effort with a modest pace. I was expecting rain too, but it seems I’ve had the good fortune to miss that, and apart from a few drops, there was nothing major to speak of.

Once I reached Rye, as I turned Eastwards, I lost the benefit of the tailwind and started to fight into a crosswind all the way through Camber and as the road turned Northwards on the approach to Lydd, it was full on headwind, the forecast was saying about 10 mph, but perhaps it was just me, it felt stronger. Of course pushing my “vastness” into a wind is quite a challenge anyway, I don’t exactly have a “sleek” aspect about me (yet). So I dropped my speed and just concentrated on turning the cranks and settling into a nice rhythm. After a while of slogging into the wind I decided to stop for a banana break, I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to peel a banana on a bike, lots of people can, but I’m not one of them. So a two minute banana break was a welcome relief from the wind, a chance to stretch out the legs and have a quick drink. The route I had originally planned was 48 miles, but I added the extra two miles on knowing that if I got home and downloaded the computer to see 48, I’d have regretted not doing 50. We do like round numbers!

Todays ride…………

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