21 Mile Ride

I felt a bit whooped after this ride. Hardly surprising I suppose since I’ve been doing very little over the last few weeks. Average power of 211 watts and average heart rate of 158bpm, which is low and high on both counts. After a few weeks of doing nothing I suppose thats to be expected. Anyway, lots of heavy rain forecast later this afternoon, although thats hard to see with the temperature at 25°­, clear blue skies although a southerly wind making the outward leg into a headwind. Still a nice day for a ride even if I didn’t set any records.

Hopefully the rain will dump what it has to on us overnight and we can get back to some nice cycling weather. Rumour is that we might be in for a mini-heatwave next week, so something to look forward to if its true. At least I managed to get my ride in and no use the rain as an excuse, I may have a rest day tomorrow depending on how much rain there is around.

Todays ride………..

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