Cycling Mojo???

Come out, come out wherever you are………

Damned if I just can’t get myself motivated! I’ve moaned and complained about the crap weather, and while we are not having a great summer I should be out on my bike, but just can’t get myself motivated over the last few weeks.

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5 Responses to Cycling Mojo???

  1. Same here.. only I seem to have lost my running mojo and gained some for cycling.

  2. Hey Dex – all I can say is that your bike is crying each day you don’t take it out for a spin! Those machines are built to be ridden, and beautiful machines they are, each and every one of them. Be grateful you have one! I moved to Montreal in Feb 2010, and still don’t have a pair of wheels to call my own. I envy every cyclist who buzzes by me, on their way out to the country roads. BIXI just doesn’t cut it!

    I’m also one of the co-founders of Training Mobs – thanks for following us on Twitter today! You’ll find there are a few people who would join you for a cycling mob, were you to post it :)

  3. @swiftuck says:

    now what you mean dex, when i did finally drag myself out there it was like cycling through treacle!

    • dexradio says:

      Hi Nick, I have not done any serious training for months now. Bits and pieces is all, but cycling up Ventoux in September so thats given me a goal to aim for, and just getting back at it now. So I recognize the “treacle” symptoms ;-) I’ll have a look at Wheelsuckers later too, thanks for that.

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