23 Mile Tempo Pace Ride

Decided to give it a bit more pace this morning with a Tempo Pace ride. Average Heart Race of 232 watts, which is just into my “Sweet Spot” range (link opens PDF file). The Sweet Spot being the range between Tempo and Threshold. That said, my performance this morning was at the lower end of that range, and I did fade a bit towards the end of the ride. Rather then do the whole ride at SST (Sweet Spot Training) pace I should probably break it down into 2 intervals of 20 minutes each to allow for a bit of recovery (makes mental note) I went out for another walk/run session last night, and the running portion of that session is hard! I had forgotten how hard it is, especially in my current state of “unfitness”. But I hope to persevere with it in an effort to burn a few extra calories and lose a bit more weight.

Perhaps that accounts for my tired legs this morning, there are certainly some muscles in my legs feeling the effects of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). I was hoping that the cycle would help circulate a bit of blood around the legs and reduce the soreness. The end result is that I felt a bit lethargic towards the end of my ride this morning, and it became more and more difficult to keep my average power in my Sweet Spot range. Still, just managed to keep it at the bottom end of the range and had a good Tempo Ride in any case. It’s at times like this that I think about Jens Voight, and what he might do in such a situation, “Shut up legs” springs to mind! What a hero that bloke is!

My key objective is to burn calories and lose weight. So in a sense all the other numbers are incidental to that objective. If I lose weight I expect my performance to improve on every front. So I’m carefully monitoring my weight loss to ensure I keep my lean muscle and lose the fat. And there is a lot of it to lose, much to embarrassing to publish in this blog. But less is definitely more as far as weight and bike riding is concerned. Average Power was 232 Watts, Normalised Power 245 watts, Pw:HR 7.73% so some decoupling which I hope will improve with fitness. I think I’ll give my walk/run session a miss tonight and get back at it tomorrow evening.

This mornings ride………

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